Resources to Help You Support Wellbeing During COVID-19.

Appli Work Fit 6-Week Digital Coronavirus Response Program

Navigating Psychological Risk: Your Responsibilities as a Leader During the Coronavirus Outbreak

3 Tips to Support Your Mental Fitness in the Age of Coronavirus

Globally, 1 in 2 people are affected by mental illness each year.

Mental Illness Stats

It’s time for a new approach.


Around the world, wellbeing is a hot topic. A focus on helping people build resilience and wellbeing will, in turn, strengthen families, schools, organisations and communities in which people achieve positive mental health and optimal functioning.

Unfortunately, traditional educational approaches have not always given the practical skills needed to apply the science of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing in their homes, relationships, organisations and communities.

So how do we build the bridge between science and the practice?


Welcome to Appli.


The Applied Positive Psychology Learning Institute (Appli) is a global organisation focused on how to create wellbeing practices and habits across 5 key life domains: at home, in schools, at work, aging well and in society.

We Appli the science of wellbeing.  Our approach is simple.  Instead of focusing on mental illness we focus on mental fitness.  By combining traditional psychology methods with emerging sciences such as Positive Psychology, Positive Education, Positive Organisational Scholarship, and Positive and Active Aging we empower individuals and organisations to build the skills to transform their lives, learning, and productivity.  Just as we can improve our physical fitness, we can improve our mental fitness through regular, intentional activities and adopting structures and processes that enable wellbeing, performance, and achievement.

We teach people and organisations how to make positive and sustainable change in mental health and wellbeing through our diverse range of products and services including online and blended learning courses, strategic consulting, research and development services, and bespoke wellbeing programs for any industry.  Meet our impressive team and learn more.


Personal and Professional Education

We offer courses and training suitable for every role and stage of life to help people learn practical ways to grow wellbeing.

Research and Development

We conduct research and communicate what we know about applying Positive Psychology and Wellbeing.  We also foster partnerships to ensure that knowledge, skills and best practices that come from the research can be shared around the world.

Strategic Consulting

We help schools, organisations, community groups and governments to build a culture that promotes and builds positive mental health and wellbeing.

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