About Us

One of the factors that makes APPLI unique is that we are committed to sharing and collaborating with inspiring leaders from across the globe.

We bring together highly respected business leaders, industry experts, scientists, practitioners, innovative thinkers and passionate educators to revolutionise Positive Psychology application. We believe that wellbeing is for everyone and we want to help build communities in which individuals have the skills and knowledge they need to thrive.

Our approach is multi-dimensional: we offer education and training, consulting and research and development across the lifespan and across all sectors within society.

APPLI is committed to equality and so we offer our select services and courses at a reduced cost or on a pro-bono basis to individuals or groups who might not otherwise be able to access the support and education we offer.

Vision, Mission, Values


To be a global leader in improving wellbeing across the lifespan for a more connected, more resilient and more inclusive world.


Our mission is to teach, practice and promote the science of wellbeing for individuals, families, communities, governments, private sector organisations and educational institutions.




We strive for consistency between what we say and what we do, so that we are known as an organisation with the highest levels of integrity, ethics and reliability.



Amazing things can be achieved when we work in partnership. We seek and build connections and relationships locally, nationally and internationally to be part of a more positive future.



We seek always to bring a spirit of gratitude to our operations, taking opportunities to provide financial assistance and practical support to individuals, groups and organisations who might otherwise not be able to work with us.


Life Long Learning

We are life-long learners and are humble in our approach to research, discovery and teaching. We appreciate that not all lessons are learned in the classroom. We believe that every learner we encounter is also a teacher.



Our world is changing at a rapid pace, so we will be dynamic, flexible and responsive in the way we meet challenges and opportunities. We are excited for the future, and are always seeking new ways to bring the science of wellbeing to life.