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Learn more about the science of Positive Psychology and wellbeing below. Learn evidence-based tips and strategies to grow your positive mental health at work, school and in life.

Wellbeing at Home

Can DIY Activities Improve Wellbeing?

With so many television programs and social media sites decided to hobbies, crafts and “do-it-yourself” activities, there is no denying that the DIY or “Maker” movement continues to gain momentum.

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Ageing Well

Wellbeing – the simple truth behind this latest buzzword

The term ‘wellbeing’ is has become a hot topic in the past decade.  Wellbeing is mentioned everywhere from TV commercials to corporate values.  It is used to sell supplements, medical products, self-help books, ‘super food smoothies’ and even makeup and beauty products.  With the vast array of applications, it is no wonder that there is confusion about what wellbeing actually is. In reality, wellbeing is more than a trendy buzzword. 

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