About Applied Education and Training

Applied Education & Training is a Registered Training Organisation that was registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) in December 2023. It has as its  primary objective to teach, practise and promote the science of wellbeing for individuals, families, communities, governments, private sector organisations and educational institutions.

Applied Education & Training is led by a team of global experts, who have extensive experience in the teaching and applying the science and practice of wellbeing within the two sister organisations, Positive Psychology Institute (PPI) and Applied Positive Psychology Learning Institute (APPLI).

Applied Education & Training delivers the 10936NAT Diploma of Mental Fitness and Resilience, a program that revolutionises mental health education by integrating research and evidence-based practices from multiple disciplines such as positive psychology, organisational psychology, business leadership, public health, WHS and Mental Fitness. Accredited by ASQA, the Diploma fosters innovative thinking and real-world skills that are relevant for future leaders of proactive, positive mental health in any industry or sector.  It’s the first course of its kind and offers comprehensive and flexible training options for busy working professionals who are looking to reshape organisational mental health.

Educational opportunities for professional growth in organisational Mental Fitness and resilience are scarce. Our Diploma of Mental Fitness and Resilience stands as the pioneering, nationally accredited curriculum dedicated to fostering leadership in Mental Fitness and resilience within teams, organisations and communities. 

Our point of difference is the experience of the Board and Management Team that spans a breadth of sectors and skills allowing them to approach the needs of students, clients, users, government, corporations, and the community, with the benefit of decades of highly skilled expertise. The primary objective is giving people the knowledge and skills to apply and sustain Mental Fitness and resilience, and in turn, strengthen families, schools, organisations and communities. This allows organisations and their people to achieve optimal functioning and improved quality of work and life outcomes.