Certified Mental Fitness Champion

Certified Mental Fitness Champions Program (October)

In our 12-hour Certified Mental Fitness Champions Program, we’ll guide you through three comprehensive Mental Fitness online training courses, equipping you with everything you need to effectively create sustainable change in your workplace, school or community group.

Mental Fitness Champions are proud, passionate and most importantly – trained – to promote positive mental health awareness in their workplace, schools, sports teams, families and communities.

Mental Fitness Champions have the knowledge, confidence and skills to support anyone facing mental health concerns, burnout, emotional distress or struggling with the various challenges in life.

Mental Fitness Champions are vocal and visible. They take time out of their day to proactively promote good mental health habits, activities and conversations. They understand what’s required to build a preventative culture of Mental Fitness and how to inspire real, lasting and sustainable change.

Mental Fitness Champions inspire colleagues, teammates and peers to reimagine a more practical, proactive and preventative approach to everyday mental health.

Courses in the Certified Mental Fitness Champions Program

When you sign up to become a Certified Mental Fitness Champion, you’ll be taken through all three of our comprehensive mental health online training courses – equipping you with the knowledge, confidence and skills to effectively create sustainable change.
Each course will guide you through a set of unique, specific and practical skills for applying Mental Fitness science and practice in your life and work.

Becoming a Certified Mental Fitness Champion helps you become a recognized, certified, and qualified leader around proactive and preventative mental health at your workplace, school or community group. You’ll be able to support other people having a tough time, discover and apply ways to improve your own Mental Fitness so you respond better to setbacks and challenges, and you’ll be able to inspire others in a team or group setting with the relevant and engaging language of Mental Fitness.

Course 1 – Mental Fitness Conversations

Learn how to proactively support others in a fast-paced hybrid world.

Course 2 – Mental Fitness Circuit

Learn how to apply the skills of Mental Fitness to invest in your own mental health.

Course 3 – Mental Fitness Teams

Learn how to inspire your team to become proactive and comfortable with mental health.

Who is the Certified Mental Fitness Champions Program for?

Mental Fitness Hub online mental health training is ideal for workplaces, schools, and community groups that want to do more to support employee mental health and to take action in a more proactive and preventative way.

This training program is suitable for team leaders, line managers, supervisors, new starters, teachers and principals, sports club coaches and support staff, as well as individuals who simply want to be more knowledgeable about mental health, and equipped with the skills to make a difference.

Anyone who cares about good mental health and wellbeing can become a Certified Mental Fitness Champion.

How Can I Become a Certified Mental Fitness Champion?

For individuals, you can register for one of our open public courses easily through our online booking system and choose the time slot that fits your schedule. To register, visit our Book A Course page.

For groups and organizations, you have the option to register for one of our open public courses by registering all participants during the booking process, or feel free to contact the Mental Fitness Hub and book a private session at a time and date that works for you.

Once you have completed the three courses and associated course requirements, you will be issued your Certified Mental Fitness Champion Certificate and have the right to use the Certified Mental Fitness Champion Badge in all digital communications.

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Mental Fitness Champions Program

This program is proudly presented by our newest partnership initiative, Mental Fitness Hub.  Visit the Mental Fitness Hub website to learn more about our project and how we help workplaces. 


Oct 04 - 20 2022


This 12 hour course is conducted in 6 2-hour sessions on 19 & 21 July.
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm



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Live Online Course via Zoom
Live Online Course via Zoom


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