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Mental Fitness Circuit Live Virtual Course (October)

Discover how to apply the skills of Mental Fitness and resilience to invest in your own mental health in our 4-hour positive psychology course, Mental Fitness Circuit.

Improving and maintaining your physical fitness is a concept that’s drilled into most people from a young age. We’re required to participate in P.E. during our school years, we’re encouraged to join sports teams, and the media inspires us to be more active to promote good health and overall wellbeing.

So we know the importance of staying on top of our physical fitness, even if we don’t always do as much as we’d like to. But what about our Mental Fitness?

What if you could maintain, improve and strengthen your Mental Fitness the same way you work on your physical fitness? What would your life look like then?

You’d be more resilient to everyday life stressors.

You’d find it easier to feel a sense of purpose and remain future-focused in the face of difficulties.

You’d be able to focus more clearly and perform better at work.

You may also be less susceptible to experiencing an episode of severe mental illness.

When you’re mentally fit, the quality and experience of your life improves in every way. In this training course, you’ll learn the skills and rituals that will support and strengthen your mental health.

In this course, you’ll learn everyday practices that promote healthy thinking, implement habits and rituals that’ll help you reach optimal functioning, achieve more meaning at work and in life, and so much more.

Course Outcomes

After completing this training course, you’ll be equipped with the tools, confidence, and resources you need to:

  1. Appreciate how common ‘life issues’ affect Mental Fitness. From issues at work to arguments with family and friends, to community and economic tragedies… There will always be something that’s affecting your level of Mental Fitness. With the right strategies, you’ll have the resources to better face challenges in a helpful way with ultimately more resilience.
  2. Apply a growth mindset to Mental Fitness and stress recovery. Positive habits of mind are key to maintaining an overall lifestyle that feels optimized, balanced and stress-free. You’ll learn the habits and rituals essential for everyday stress recovery and growth.
  3. Understand how to apply Mental Fitness skills to a busy life. Let’s face it, today’s fast-paced living and high-demand world doesn’t set us up for mental health success. The tools you’ll learn in this training course will help you maintain robust Mental Fitness even during the busiest and most chaotic times of life.
  4. Understand and share the F.E.S.T. model. Once you’ve learned and applied all the concepts to your own life, you’ll be equipped with the resources and know-how you need to share this knowledge with your friends, family and coworkers.
  5. Create your own Mental Fitness Circuit Training Plan. You’ll walk away from this course with a personal plan that will help you implement the Mental Fitness practices that work for you and your schedule. This plan will help you create lifelong habits so you can continuously adjust and improve over time.

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This course is one of our three specialised courses in the Certified Mental Fitness Champions Program

This course is proudly presented by our newest partnership initiative, Mental Fitness Hub.  Visit the Mental Fitness Hub website to learn more about our project and how we help workplaces. 


Oct 11 - 13 2022


This 4 hour course is conducted in 2 2-hour sessions on 19 & 21 July.
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm



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Live Online Course via Zoom
Live Online Course via Zoom


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