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Mental Fitness Teams Live Virtual Course (October)

Inspire your team to become proactive and comfortable with mental health in our 4-hour positive psychology course, Mental Fitness Teams.

You’ve spent time and countless resources to ensure your workplace is set up for your team’s success.

But despite your best efforts, the new “healthy habits” initiatives never stick, and every year you spend more time, money and resources thinking of a new and improved way to help your team perform more optimally in every area of their work and personal lives…

But what if the solution is not another 10,000-step challenge or healthy communication workshop?

What if the real solution to cultivating a healthy work environment that is productive, enjoyable and thriving is to focus on building the singular skill that all other skills piggyback off of?

Enter Mental Fitness.

Once you build a company-wide culture that’s centered around the importance of Mental Fitness awareness, habits and everyday skills, you can then sit back and watch in amazement as every area of your workplace improves…

From daily peer-to-peer interactions, productivity levels, team engagement, and so much more.

In this training course, you’ll gain the knowledge, confidence and skills you need to create long-lasting culture change in the workplace.

Course Outcomes

After completing this training course, you’ll be equipped with the tools, confidence, and resources you need to:

  1. Understand the relationship and responsibilities between mental health, the workplace and employee performance. When you understand how employee performance is directly enhanced or diminished based on Mental Fitness levels, you’ll be better able to provide your team with the resources and support they need to function at their highest level.
  2. Understand the role of a Mental Fitness Champion in the workplace. A Mental Fitness Champion’s role in the workplace is crucial to building a long-lasting cultural shift of strong mental health habits and values.
  3. Understand how to articulate, implement and sustain a Mental Fitness team culture. You’ll learn how to translate the knowledge and skills you gain into real-life actionable steps so you can build a company-wide culture that’s centered around comfortable and candid mental health conversations.
  4. Apply and share the L.E.A.D. model with teammates. Equip yourself with the resources and know-how you need to share this knowledge with every member of your team confidently, so they can confidently express their mental health needs and concerns.
    Influence positive change within the organization. You’ll be able to properly identify the factors within your control that support and undermine your team’s mental health and wellbeing – so you can implement change that will have a long-lasting, positive influence on your company culture for years to come.

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This course is one of our three specialised courses in the Certified Mental Fitness Champions Program

This course is proudly presented by our newest partnership initiative, Mental Fitness Hub.  Visit the Mental Fitness Hub website to learn more about our project and how we help workplaces. 


Oct 18 - 20 2022


This 4 hour course is conducted in 2 2-hour sessions on 19 & 21 July.
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm



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Live Online Course via Zoom
Live Online Course via Zoom


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