Webinars and workshops are great for awareness, but the best way to create a long-term and sustainable change in wellbeing is through regular practice.  Just like physical fitness, mental fitness requires daily habits of wellbeing.  That is why the Appli Team has introduced digital solutions to help organisations empower their stakeholders to build skills of wellbeing in their own time and place.  View our digital wellbeing solutions below to learn more.

Appli Work Fit Digital Platform

The Appli Work Fit digital wellbeing platform is an evidence-based digital health and wellbeing platform available to organisations to help their employees build habits of mental and physical fitness.   The Appli Work Fit mobile and web applications can be white labelled to reflect the organisations branding, message and content. Organisations are also able to create bespoke content to address specific issues within their workplace. Appli Work Fit has an extensive and ever-growing range of exercises to help improve mental and physical fitness. Activities relating to stress and anxiety management, focus, relaxation, personal and professional performance, and building better habits around eating, drinking, smoking and sleeping are available on demand. There is also a comprehensive catalogue of guided video workouts and physical exercises to choose from, requiring no special equipment. The platform features programs suitable for office environments such as desk workouts, stretching programs and seated activities for those with limited mobility. For more vigorous exercise, users can also select interval training workouts, yoga fitness and pilates programs that can be performed by anyone in their own time and place.  Appli Work Fit keeps users engaged by providing them with the choice to build their own personalised programs according to their individual needs and interests.  Contact us to learn more about the Appli Work Fit platform or to schedule a demonstration.  

Appli Work Fit Digital Coronavirus Response Program

Appli has received several inquiries into how we may be able to assist schools, workplaces and communities in staying mentally fit during the rapidly evolving Coronavirus pandemic. As a number of our clients have stated, we must provide assistance to people now so that they may be able to build the critical physical and psychological resources needed in the event of isolation, worry and general uncertainty. Workplaces have been particularly concerned about how they may be able to fulfil their responsibility to ensure psychological safety in the workplace as the line between home and workplace become blurred. For this reason, the Appli Team have created and tested a targeted 6-week response program within the Appli Work Fit platform. This digital program will assist people immediately to build skills and regular habits to cope with the stress and challenges of the Coronavirus situation and beyond.  Each week, users will receive a targeted program with guided audio exercises, practical ‘how-to’ tips, relevant articles, guided video exercise programs to support physical wellbeing and strategies for personal and professional performance. All content of the program is evidence-based and designed by wellbeing experts, scientists and psychologists.   Contact us to learn more about the Appli Work Fit platform or to schedule a demonstration.