Collaborating to Make Wellbeing a Way of Life

The successful, long-term association between the Positive Psychology Institute and Knox Grammar School continues with the formation of APPLI– a multi-faceted Positive Psychology and Wellbeing institute providing people at all life stages practical skills to improve and sustain positive mental health and optimal functioning.

Positive Psychology Institute

Since 2008, Dr Paula Robinson and the PPI team have worked with individuals, schools, organisations, universities and whole communities integrating the theory, research and evidence-based practices of Psychology, the subfield of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing across the lifespan. PPI’s work extends across Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Singapore, and China. Dr Robinson has a PhD in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing, is a registered psychologist, author, researcher and expert in the emerging science and practice of Mental Fitness.

Knox Grammar School

Knox Grammar School is internationally recognised as a leader in Positive Education, an approach closely aligned to the vision of its founding Headmaster, Neil MacNeil, of education as being central to ‘creating and living the purposeful life’. In 2009, Knox began working with PPI to better understand the science of Positive Psychology and how it benefits students, staff and the wider school community. Now, after nine years of development, The Knox Total Fitness multifaceted wellbeing initiative is highly regarded globally as a best practice example of wellbeing in action.