Is Now a Great Time to Contact an Old Acquaintance?

Is Now a Great Time to Contact an Old Acquaintance?

At some point, we have all lost contact with a friend or family member over the years. Maybe we had a disagreement, or perhaps it’s just our busy 21st Century lives that cause us to lose touch with people we care about.

COVID-19 and our time of isolation may offer us a golden opportunity to reach out to those we have lost touch with. If you are feeling a bit embarrassed, ashamed or guilty that you haven’t made contact with someone in years, get in touch with them and say that this time of isolation has made you think of them. Ask them if they are interested in having a virtual catch up. If you don’t want to use the phone to reach out, there’s always social media or perhaps through another person who also knows them.

Remember, Like you, your long-lost acquaintance may be thinking the same as you but just haven’t had the courage to reach out. You can be the brave one. It might be one of the most positive events that comes out of this crisis for you, who knows!

Research suggests that relationships are our number one source of joy and misery, depending on the circumstances, so make this a joyful event, reach out to someone from your past!

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