Julie Catt is a Sydney-based psychologist specialising in sexuality, gender, and relationships. Much of her work is focussed on supporting families as their young people launch into the adult world. She is co-chair on the board of Twenty10, a Sydney based service providing a broad range of specialised services for sexually and gender diverse young people, including counselling and psychological services, housing, and social support.

Julie began her career in education and health in 1988 as an adolescent educator for Planned Parenthood in the United States, and studied Psychology both in the US (University of Missouri) and in Australia (Sydney University). She is also the author of Normal: The True Story of a Complicated Family, a memoir exploring families and intimacy and challenging concepts of normality (Text Publishing, 2009). Julie is proud to have also launched five of her six children successfully into the adult world, with the one still at home poised to follow over the next few years.