Throughout the years of working with many talented individuals in the financial sector, Nichole began to notice some of the challenges faced by business leaders and their employees including long hours, high levels of stress, employee burnout and the stigma of mental illness.

In 2014, she relocated to Australia to focus on how we can create better workplaces, healthier schools and flourishing communities.  She now works with her colleagues at APPLI to promote wellbeing and Mental Fitness across the lifespan.  Also a passionate advocate for Positive Education, Nichole currently sits on the Strategic Committee for Positive Education at Knox Grammar School advising on their world-renowned Positive Education program, Knox Total Fitness.  She has also recently co-authored a chapter titled ‘Habits of Mental Fitness for Staff and Student Wellbeing’ in the book Practising Positive Education: A Guide to Improve Wellbeing Literacy in Schools (2nd Ed.).
Nichole Walker