Dr Philip Tam is a child psychiatrist, researcher and lecturer, currently working in private practice in Sydney. Philip trained in medicine at Cambridge and London Universities, and moved to Sydney in 1999 to continue specialist psychiatric studies. He has been a consultant child psychiatrist in the public and private sectors for 14 years, in both in-patient and community psychiatry.

He has a particular clinical, research and teaching interest in the emerging field of ‘internet and video-game addiction’ and is recognised as a national and international leader in the field. In 2011, he co-founded the ‘Network for Internet Investigation and Research in Australia’ ( to support and educate clinicians and teachers, as well as concerned families, on the topic of internet overuse and addiction, and was invited to join the American Psychiatric Association’s ‘international working group’ which was investigating the inclusion of Internet Gaming Disorder in the upcoming classification manual, the DSM (Fifth Edition). He has written numerous articles, book chapters and clinical papers on the topic, regularly comments on child-psychiatry topics in the national and international media, and presents specialist and general-public workshops across Australia and globally. In 2018 he was presented with an Award for Excellence from the NSW Parents’ Council, for his work in promoting the mental wellbeing of young people.  From 2016, Philip has also worked at Knox Grammar School as a researcher-in-residence, developing training/education resources for students, teachers and families in the complex domain of ‘education in the digital world’.