Dr Rob Koonce is the Founder of Can We Communicate, an educational services agency committed to teaching, research, writing, consulting, and a long-term entrepreneurial initiative aimed at improving leader-follower relations in a wide variety of organizational contexts around the globe.

Over the past three decades, his professional career includes serving in the capacity of director of continuing legal education and professional development for a state organization, chief executive of a small business, marketing consultant, medical researcher, and educational trainer in pediatric metabolism. Rob now enjoys utilizing these experiences in academia to help students think more boldly about the world around them. Published on subjects ranging from leadership to metabolic disease, his scholarly interests include examining leadership as a socially co-constructed, dialogical process, and continuing his exploration of mindset as an emergent individual, relational, and collective construct.  Rob is the co-editor and co-author of Developing Leaders for Positive Organizing (Koonce, Robinson, & Vogel, 2017) and Followership in Action: Cases and Commentaries (Koonce, Bligh, Carsten, & Hurwitz, 2016) as well as the series editor of Contemporary Perspectives on Leadership Development (Information Age Publishing).
Rob Koonce