Dr Steve Zolezzi is a Registered Psychologist with over 25 years of experience in Education and Psychology and is a leading expert on school wellbeing and Positive Psychology practice. Steve provides educational strategic planning approaches aligned to key organisational objectives and he has worked with many schools in helping develop whole school wellbeing approaches.

He consults widely both nationally and internationally in helping schools move to integrated academic and wellbeing excellence.  Steve’s particular areas of expertise are Appreciative Inquiry summits, Solution-Focussed Coaching, and Strengths-Based Leadership. Steve has been a School Psychologist since 1994, having worked with the prestigious Knox Grammar School as Head of Positive Education where he received the Headmaster’s Award for Leadership in 2013.  Knox Grammar School is considered among the top three Positive Education schools in the world. Steve has also worked with the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay, St Aloysius College, and currently as the Head of Wellbeing in the Diocese of Maitland/ Newcastle, which comprises sixty schools.  Steve is also a founding member of The Australasian Biofeedback Society and International School Psychologists Society.  He is a Qualified Teacher, certified Sports Psychologist and Physical Education Instructor.
Dr Steve Zolezzi