Wellbeing Across the Lifespan

Wellbeing at Home

We offer a unique suite of products and services to learn how to apply the science and practice of Positive Psychology to enhance the wellbeing, happiness and optimal functioning for individuals, parents and families.

Wellbeing in Schools

We help early education, K-12 schools, universities and educational institutions to promote the science and practice of wellbeing. We focus on practical and proactive approaches to supporting mental health for students, families, staff and whole school communities.

Wellbeing at Work

Appli draws on the latest research and practice in the fields of management, organisational psychology, human resources and Positive Organisational Scholarship to develop positive work environments, improve workplace culture and promote mental health and wellbeing for employees, employers, teams and organisations as a whole.

Ageing Well

Appli challenges long-held beliefs about ageing, providing a positive evidence-based alternative that promotes successful and productive ageing into the later years.

Wellbeing in Society

We offer services to support communities and governments to promote the science and practice of wellbeing.  Our approach combines the latest research and case studies from experts in the field who are applying the science of Positive Psychology and wellbeing ‘on the ground’ to build stronger, more resilient communities.