Wellbeing at Work

Across the globe depression and anxiety are currently costing the global economy $925 billion each year[1], with those statistics expected to rise.  It is crucial to treat mental illness when it occurs and prevent it wherever possible.  But it’s equally important to focus on helping people build their quality of social, professional and personal lives through learning about their unique strengths, values, meaning and purpose in their lives and how to be resilient in times of challenge and change.  With 1 in 6 workers around the world actively dealing with a mental health disorder[2],  organisations have a unique opportunity to help their employees lead healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives – while increasing productivity, profitability and competitive edge at the same time.

How Can We Help?

We understand that measurable, sustainable workplace wellbeing improvement takes more than free snacks and yoga classes. That is why Appli draws on the latest research and practice from a variety of disciplines including management, leadership, human resources, organisational and positive psychology, to bring best practices and business outcomes to organisations of all sizes. The most successful wellbeing initiatives are those where employees, leaders and the whole organisation play a role in creating something that is meaningful to them. Our unique co-design approach helps create buy-in and best practice strategic and operational outcomes to enable all stakeholders to be fit for work and fit for life.

At Appli, we apply the latest research and practice in the fields of management, organisational psychology, human resources and positive organisational scholarship and Positive Psychology to develop positive work environments, improve workplace culture and promote mental health and wellbeing for employees, employers, teams and organisations as a whole.  Some of our services include:

-  Online and face-to-face courses and training programs
- Whole organisation wellbeing strategy
- Designing customised wellbeing models and frameworks
- Research and measurement services
- Bespoke training and development programs
- Change management assistance
- Intergenerational management training and strategy
- Positive leadership programs
- Emotional intelligence training
- Customised consulting services for your workplace

Why Wellbeing at Work

Research shows that business and organisations that promote wellbeing may have more positive outcomes such as:

-  More innovation, productivity and efficiency in the workplace[3]
- An average ROI of AUD$2.30 for every dollar invested in mental health and wellbeing[4]
- Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism (reduced productivity at work), and lower numbers of compensation claims[4]
- Faster career advancement and increased earnings for employees[5]
- Less staff turnover[6]
- Lower health care costs and fewer mistakes and accidents[6]
- Greater shareholder value[6]
- Earn higher customer loyalty, commitment, and business growth via word-of-mouth endorsement[7]
- Increased creativity[8],[9]
- Improved ability to make decisions[9]