Student Conduct & Compliance Framework

Appli strives to maintain the highest standard of professional conduct for both its staff and students alike and demands that all students or candidates must be able to demonstrate a level of satisfactory academic achievement as well as demonstrate a satisfactory level of:

  1. Participation;
  2. Attendance;
  3. Interaction with other students where necessary;
  4. Cooperation.


And that they must AT ALL TIMES:

  1. Show courtesy and respect to all staff and fellow students;
  2. Not conduct themselves in any manner which is offensive, objectionable, discourteous or disrespectful;
  3. Not act in any way which could be considered intimidating;
  4. Be respectful of the views of others and engage in professional and courteous debate rather than argument;
  5. Respect the personal space of others and allow them to express themselves without fear or intimidation;
  6. Not cheat, plagiarise or misrepresent themselves or their work at any time;
  7. Not represent data or information incorrectly, improperly or falsely;
  8. Not engage in conduct which the staff of Appli in their absolute discretion consider to be in contravention of any of the above objectives;
  9. Not behave in any way that limits the academic opportunities of other students by improperly impeding their work or their access to educational resources;
  10. Not distribute any course materials in any manner without written permission from Appli.


The Appli Board of Directors reserve the right to enforce the Student Enrollment and Compliance Framework objectives in the manner in which they consider appropriate from time to time, and where there is a concern of misconduct or failure to observe the objectives described above to the standard required, then Appli may take action which may include but is not limited to:

A. Suspending a student for a defined period of time;
B. Penalising a student in respect to a subject or unit completion or the marks in regard thereto;
C. Requiring the student to attend counselling;
D. Requiring the student to provide a personal and/or written apology for his or her conduct;
E. Terminating a student’s enrollment effective immediately.

Any decision made by Appli shall be considered final and shall not be subject to external review unless specified by Appli.

Where a student handbook is published in regard to a particular course then the provisions of the student handbook shall prevail.

This Charter shall be reviewed annually or more often as the Board of Appli may consider appropriate.